Best Tweeps

Why Best Tweeps?

Best Tweeps is our baby step to making a better web. We believe a better web is where we can get unbiased, informative, insightful, harmless content from the common people someone like you and me.

About Best Tweeps

Dear Tweeps.,

Our mission is to provide a space to find an outstanding person to follow, look for a mentor, make new friends, or discover talented, fun, interesting, experienced, knowledgeable people learn from them. So we want to make it the easiest process to follow the high-quality Twitter handles with this one-stop curated platform.

How to Nominate?

You can join with us to making better future web by nominating a Best Tweeps, please mention us(@besttweepshere) in a tweet to nominate your favorite twitter handle.

Who to Nominate?

Tweep who don't spread negativity.
You can nominate yourself too!
You nominate, after the manual verification we will add them in the Best Tweeps. (It may take a few days).

Request an Edit or Opt Out

If you’ve been added to the directory and would like to opt out or make an edit to your profile, please send us a message on Twitter to Best Tweeps.

Join Us

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This project is in a work-in-progress. If you have a suggestion or find a bug, please us me know.


Inspired from latinxs-who-design.